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Reveler is excited to have Dirty Water Distillery at the tasting bar for the first time! This micro-distillery is located in Plymouth, MA and accordingly embraces the philosophy of discovery. The owner’s PhD in physics and Head Distiller’s chemistry degree make them well-equipped to create outstanding and unusual artisanal spirits. 


Bog Monster Cranberry Gin - This gin uses locally sourced cranberries from PJ’s in Sandwich, MA to lend a slightly tart character that combines with a mild juniper flavor creating a fun, refreshing profile.


What Knot White Rum - A white rum made from Table Grade Molasses creating a pretty straight forward sippable rum that pairs well with citrus and is the perfect base for cocktails.


Horseradish Vodka - Infused with fresh chopped horseradish. Perfect for bloody marys and oyster shooters!


Chocolate Vodka - Made exclusively with dutch cocoa powder to provide all the rich chocolate flavor without the added sugar. 


Velnias Honey Liqueur - This spirit originated from the owner's grandfather's old Lithuanian recipe. It is sweet, complex, and loaded with spices that makes it perfect for either a chilly night, perhaps added to hot cider, or a warm day as a great twist to a tiki drink! 


Limoncello - Made in the authentic Italian way of simply infusing vodka with lemon and organic cane sugar for a basic, yet refreshing drink. This Limoncello is much more balanced and less cloying than many of the commercially available brands in the market.