Thursday Dirty Water Distilling Spirits Tasting

Reveler is excited to have Dirty Water Distillery at the tasting bar for the first time! This micro-distillery is located in Plymouth, MA and accordingly embraces the philosophy of discovery. The owner’s PhD in physics and Head Distiller’s chemistry degree make them well-equipped to create outstanding and unusual artisanal spirits. 


Bog Monster Cranberry Gin - This gin uses locally sourced cranberries from PJ’s in Sandwich, MA to lend a slightly tart character that combines with a mild juniper flavor creating a fun, refreshing profile.


What Knot White Rum - A white rum made from Table Grade Molasses creating a pretty straight forward sippable rum that pairs well with citrus and is the perfect base for cocktails.


Horseradish Vodka - Infused with fresh chopped horseradish. Perfect for bloody marys and oyster shooters!


Chocolate Vodka - Made exclusively with dutch cocoa powder to provide all the rich chocolate flavor without the added sugar. 


Velnias Honey Liqueur - This spirit originated from the owner's grandfather's old Lithuanian recipe. It is sweet, complex, and loaded with spices that makes it perfect for either a chilly night, perhaps added to hot cider, or a warm day as a great twist to a tiki drink! 


Limoncello - Made in the authentic Italian way of simply infusing vodka with lemon and organic cane sugar for a basic, yet refreshing drink. This Limoncello is much more balanced and less cloying than many of the commercially available brands in the market.

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Friday Wine Tasting with Vineyard Road

Come and meet Rich, from one of our favorite wine distributors, Vineyard Road, as we showcase some staples and some new wines in the store!

Prà, Soave Otto 2018 - Veneto, Italy

The Prà winery, although only started in the early 1980’s, has come to be not only one of the top producers in the Soave appellation, but also one of the most important and visionary white wine makers in all of Italy (now expanding into red wine as well)! The winery is run by Graziano Prà, whose family owned their vineyards for generations, but never commercialized the wines in bottles. The vineyards are situated in the heart of the appellation, in Monteforte D’Alpone. Besides Soave, the winery also produces Valpolicella and Amarone from a vineyard that he purchased and planted in 2001, and whose truly remarkable results are only now being discovered.  A pale yellow color, its bouquet is bursting with notes of flowers (hawthorn and jasmine) and yellow fresh fruits (drupe, peach and apricots). On the palate, the wine is medium bodied and flavorful, full of fruit, with clear mineral notes.

Angelo Negro & Figli, Roero Nebbiolo Prachiosso 2015 - Piedmont, Italy

Angelo Negro is a historically significant winery whose origins date back to 1670. In this year, two of the estate’s most important vineyards, Perdaudin and Prachiosso, were first planted. With some of the most desired vineyard sites in Roero, Negro is one of the indisputable legends of the region. Giovanni Negro, the estate’s present owner, produced the first dry Roero Arneis on record in 1971. Following tradition, the winery in Monteu Roero now boasts a stunning lineup of Arneis, as well as an impressive range of Roero Nebbiolo. Today, Negro observes organic practices while managing a staggering 64 hectares. This Nebbiolo is intense ruby red in color. It has a fine and elegant nose with hints of rose, notes of raspberry, strawberry and spices. The taste is warm and enveloping, with delicate tannins.  The aftertaste is very broad, reminiscent of red fruits, berries, pleasant notes of vanilla and roasting.

Le Farnete, Carmignano 2016 - Tuscany, Italy

Le Farnete Estate is located in the town of Carmignano, near Firenze. It covers a surface of 100 acres in the Carmignano DOCG zone and has been with the Pierazzuoli family since 1990.  Carmignano is the only DOCG in Italy where one is obliged to use Cabernet Sauvignon; the composition is typically 80% Sangiovese and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon at Le Farnete. The grapes are fermented separately in stainless steel tins at a controlled temperature.  After the malolactic fermentation takes place, the Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon are assembled together and set to ripen in French durmast (Allier forest) tonneaux for a minimum period of eight months. After bottling, it remains another eight months in bottle to further develop before release.

Le P'tit Paysan, Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 - California, USA

Le P’tit Paysan is a small producer focused on showcasing the quality and diversity of the wines that Monterey and the nearby AVAs can create. Ian Brand is the owner and winemaker; he was named one of Wine Enthusiast’s “40 Under 40 Tastemakers” in 2013, who said about him, “After moving from Utah to California to pursue surfing, Brand found his real calling at Bonny Doon in Santa Cruz, where he was assistant winemaker from 2004– 2007.  Innovative, experimental and eager to push the envelope in the Salinas Valley and beyond, Brand is known for his progressive approaches to plantings, commitment to organic farming and tireless promotion of Monterey as the next region to watch in California.”  If you think California Cabernets have become overwhelmingly high in alcohol and cause you palate fatigue, check this one out: lower alcohol and a more approachable style that was a refreshing find.

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Saturday Glendalough Distilling and Bearface Canadian Whisky

Reveler is excited to have our good friends, Ireland’s own Glendalough Distillery, back at the tasting bar. Known as “The Garden of Ireland,” Glendalough is an ancient glacier valley that is renowned for its beauty and 6th century monastic settlements founded by St. Kevin of Glendalough. Monasteries like Glendalough were the birthplace of distilled drinks. Glendalough Distillery was founded by a group of friends from Wicklow and Dublin with a passion for reviving the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland. After years of questioning why there weren’t more craft distilleries in the birthplace of the practice, they quit their day jobs and together built a distillery near their favorite spot in the Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough. Come on and try some phenomenal Irish spirits. Also new to the store, we will be tasting a new delicious Canadian whisky, Bearface, aged for seven years in three different barrels.

We will be tasting:

Rose Gin - To make this very special, small-batch gin, Glendalough completely rebalances their Wild Gin recipe and redistills it with extra fruit, flowers, spices... and of course, a lot of fresh rose petals. Three varieties of rose are used: the rare and elusive Wild Rose from the Wicklow mountains, large fragrant Heritage Roses, and the ancient prized Damask Rose; all of which come together to make this a naturally pink and very floral gin. Given the delicate nature of petals as an ingredient, this gin is distilled even slower and more gently than the wild botanical gin with vapor distillation playing a bigger part in extracting the essential oils and flavors. After distilling, it is further infused with even more roses to deepen the flavors and of course, the lovely pink hue. This is not “just another pink gin” - far from it! The depth and complexity really needs to be tasted to be understood. Floral, fragrant and flavorful, it is some of the best, most interesting gin made and comes after a lot of experimenting with plants, fruit, spices and flowers.

Wild Botanical Gin - A full-time Glendalough forager scours the mountains around the distillery for wild plants, and what they pick goes fresh into the still within hours of foraging. Then, the wild botanicals are painstakingly slow-distilled to tease out delicate flavors in very small batches of less than 250 liters.

Double Barrel Whiskey - Upon its release, the whiskey won double gold at The World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. American oak Bourbon barrels bring sweet honey and smooth vanilla notes, and the Spanish Oloroso barrels layer on dried fruit and nutty flavors. It is an Irish whiskey that might make you think twice about Irish whiskey!

Glendalough Pot Still Irish Whiskey - Finished for up to a year in the rarest of all casks, virgin Irish oak, this is a milestone for Irish Whiskey: A single cask, mainstream whiskey that makes the flavors of Irish oak available to everyone. They sustainably fell 140 year-old trees from the ancient oak forest in the mountains around the distillery. This is the beginning of a year-long process that ends with an Irish oak hogshead. These special casks are filled with the most quintessentially Irish whiskey styles, pot still. The higher levels of toasted oak and vanilla flavors that Irish oak brings to the liquid compliment and balance the classic pot still spices. Each bottle is numbered and traceable to each cask and even to the tree from where it came.

7yr Old Single Malt - Inspired by the seven hard years that St. Kevin spent in the wild and the “city of seven churches,” he came to build at Glendalough. By swapping barrels with 5 Lamps Brewery’s Black Pitts Porter, the finish brings the single malt to incredible depths. Made with roasted chocolate barley, it amplifies the malt notes while layering on rich, dark flavors.

13yr Old Single Malt - This winner of World Best Irish Whiskey is the first, and only, Irish Whiskey released with a Japanese mizunara oak finish. Their Japanese mizunara comes from Hokkaido, the rugged, most northern island of Japan. Mizunara amplifies much of what is already there while layering on more vanilla smoothness, sandalwood notes and even a bit of coconut.

Bearface Whisky - Bearface sources only from the finest 7 year old single grain whisky from distilleries across Canada. They then drive it to the Mission Hill, B.C. wine country to begin their process of collaborating with wine makers, coopers and blenders. By including experts outside the world of whisky and sharing their passion of craft, together, they created a truly different, bold, rich Canadian whisky. It is then aged in ex-Bourbon American oak barrels to impart vanilla notes, ex-Bordeaux tight grain French oak casks to impart fruit notes and a rich color, and virgin Hungarian oak air dried for three years to impart rye-like notes.

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Spring Grand Spirits Tasting

Join us for our Spring Grand Spirits tasting as we welcome spirits providers from all over the world to pour 40+ different liquors, liqueurs, cordials, and cocktails!

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Spring Grand Rosé Tasting

Join us for our 3rd Annual Grand Rosé Tasting with 50+ rosé's from around the world and special guest Whim Chocolates! 

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