Thursday Wine Tasting

We welcome Doug from M.S. Walker Wine & Spirits again this week to feature more noteworthy wines from his portfolio.

We will be tasting:

Raats Family Wines, Chenin Blanc “Original” Unwooded - Stellenbosch, South Africa

Raats Family Wines, founded in 2001 by brothers Bruwer and Jasper Raats, is focused solely on crafting world class Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc, best known as the premier grapes of France's Loire Valley. The small, family-owned winery has quickly established itself as a New World leader in the production of these two varietals, garnering tremendous critical acclaim – including consistent 90+ ratings and a dedicated fan base.  The wine has distinctive notes of yellow apple, kiwi fruit and pineapple core, alongside green melon and lime. The wine is bursting with fresh fruit flavors. It has a zesty citrus flavor that lingers on the palate, with a long mineral finish.

Château Mirambeau Papin, Bordeaux Supérieur 2015 - Bordeaux, France

Xavier Landeau has been managing the Mirambeau Papin estate since 1995. He acquired ownership with the strong will to continue the wine tradition, which had been guided by the same family since the beginning of the nineteenth century. Xavier aims to extract the best of the natural characteristics of his wines by taking into account the varying plots, grape varieties and plant density.  The 2015 Bordeaux Superior is a perfumed wine, full of rich fruit and spice. The nose is slightly dusty with dark fruits and berries. Acidity is present to give the wine a lift. It has tremendous balance and strong tannins. It will develop well, becoming smooth and rich over the next two years. This is a great food wine, especially with beef, lamb and spices.

Celler Cecilio Black Slate, Priorat Gratallops 2017 - Catalonia, Spain

Celler Cecilio is also located in Gratallops, in the heart of Priorat, and was the first winery registered in the D.O.Ca. It is a family estate dedicated to making and bottling wine since 1942, established and founded by Cecilio Vicent, father of the current owner and winemaker, August. August ferments his wines in tank with indigenous yeasts and then macerates the wines for 20-25 days before aging in tanks or neutral, large French oak barrels. The Black Slate “Gratallops” comes from a blend of older and younger vine fruit originating from August’s vineyards near their village. The 2017 vintage is 58% Garnatxa (Grenache), 32% Carineña (Carignan) and 10% Syrah, aged for 12 months in oak barrels. The nose shows mulled cherries, dried earth, spice and the dusty minerality gives way to a medium to full-bodied Priorat, ripe with tannins. This wine showcases both the power and elegance of Gratallops, with a touch of rusticity from Vincent’s winemaking. 

Varvaglione Vigne & Vini “Papale Linea Oro”, Primitivo di Manduria 2014 - Puglia, Italy

Cosimo and Maria Teresa Varvaglione began a wine-producing company, Varvaglione Vigne & Vini, inspired by the Varvaglione’s three-generation tradition of winegrowing. They are located next to Salento, in the heart of Puglia, in an area supported by amazing climate conditions. Varvaglione Vigne & Vini develops its distinction and corporate philosophy by joining traditions with new technology. After malolactic fermentation, the Papale Linea Oro Primitivo’s refinement takes place in French barrels and American barriques for at least ten months. It shows a dark, ruby-red color with soft, round aromas of mixed berries and jam. The refined elegance and texture is a distinctive identifier of the particular terroir that the wine is grown in. Primitivo pairs best with full-flavored, hearty meat dishes like roasted lamb, beef brisket, hamburgers, meatballs, beef fajitas or anything barbecued.

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Friday Springdale Brewing Tasting

In 2016, Jack’s Abby founded Springdale Beer Co., the experimental and barrel-aging arm of Jack’s Abby Brewing. With curiosity, creativity and the support of a talented production team, they’ve crafted dozens of wild and barrel-fermented beers, as well as a line of traditionally fermented ales. Come on in and try some local favorites from Springdale! 

We will be tasting:

Citrus Got Real

Citrus Got Real was originally a barrel aged sour from Springdale. They decided to keep the base beer and forego barrel aging. It is a fresh sour fermented in stainless steel tanks with grapefruit and orange zest. 4.5% ABV

Pearly Wit

Slightly tart, refreshing and drinkable beyond belief. A country-style witbier, spiced with orange and coriander, that harkens to days before the onslaught of industrialized beer. 4.5% ABV

Buddy Movie

Buddy Movie is a collaboration between Springdale and Stoneface Brewing out of New Hampshire. A sour IPA brewed with lactose and orange peel, this beer kicks off with a prominent citrus hop character, followed by a slightly tart and creamy finish. 6% ABV


Brigadeiro is a mocha stout brewed with Brazilian coffee, cacao, oats and milk sugar.  An intoxicating aroma of coffee, oatmeal, vanilla and chocolate.  A nice bright initial carbonation moves into a creamy mouthfeel delivering equally delicious flavors. 7.5% ABV

Maple Brigadeiro

Once a year, Brigadiero makes its way into an aging process which takes it into maple syrup barrels and bourbon barrels. The result is a very balanced barrel aged maple stout with subtle maple, coffee, and vanilla flavors. 8.5% ABV

Not Stirred Negroni

Springdale’s take on the classic Italian cocktail. Their version is a malt beverage barrel aged on orange zest, juniper berries, vanilla, anise, and cranberry juice. 8.3% ABV

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Saturday Special Octomore, Bruichladdich, & Port Charlotte Scotch Tasting

We have one heck of a Saturday Scotch tasting to warm you up and get you out of any January funk you might be experiencing.  From an everyday unpeated offering to two deliciously balanced, but heavily peated Scotches to a super premium ($200) Scotch - this is not a tasting you want to miss! Bruichladdich [p. Brook-laddie] is located on the southwestern tip of the remote Hebridean island of Islay Scotland. With a passionate belief in terroir, all barley sourced by Bruichladdich is 100% Scottish and distilling, maturing and bottling occur locally. Since 1881, the purest spirit is achieved with “trickle” distilling with no additional coloring agents, resulting in a scotch with unparalleled aroma, flavor, and complexity.

We will be tastings:

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie

An unpeated Islay single malt Scotch whisky aged in American oak. The aroma includes floral notes along with barley, grass, cereal, a touch of sea salt with underlying sweet butterscotch and honey. The light sweetness in the nose predominates the flavor with vanilla, toffee, caramel and butterscotch along with sea salt and light oak on the finish.

Port Charlotte 2011

Aged 6 years on oak casks with barley from just 6 farms in a 10-mile radius. Aromas impart a delicious medley of stone fruit, mango, and grape combined with vanilla and caramel.  Flavor is similar, but vanilla, caramel and coconut sweetness keeps the oak and alcohol restrained--smooth and deliciously sweet.

Port Charlotte 10 Year

Aged in French wine barrels, smoke and sea emanate from this whisky, balanced with rich, sweet grapes, vanilla fudge and caramel in the aroma. The palate is delicate with sweet flavors of port, mango, apricot, vanilla fudge combined with oak, sea and smoke

Octomore 10.1

A rare chance to taste the world’s most heavily peated Scotch, and yet one of the most smoothly integrated and smooth Scotches of this level of peat. Think you don’t like Scotch or peated Scotch?  You won’t want to miss this taste… Of course, the smokiness predominates in the aroma.  The flavor contributes notes of sweet caramel, toffee, and vanilla for a balanced and delicious Scotch.

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